R.E.A.L. Skills Network, Inc.

Realationship Empowerment Affirmation Leadership

REAL Skills Network was founded in 2008 to fill the need for after school and summer programs for elementary through high school students at risk in the Poughkeepsie NY and Dutchess County area. Programs are to help those students that have had difficulty navigating the paths of traditional social, educational and judicial systems to understand and obtain mainstream skill competency levels and social values that would empower them to interact in their community, school or job setting more successfully.

We train facilitators to mentor young adults and be peer counselors. These peer counselors are middle school youths or secondary education students. They are taught mediation skills, communications skills and alternative to violence skills, which  allow them to do introductory level sessions in these areas for other teens or peers.

These activities take place in a series of workshops and seminars. The facilitator training is done by the Director with the assistance of a network of other organizations like “Alternatives to Violence”, Mediation Training, Planned Parenthood, the Children’s Media Project, and different organizations that belong to the Family Partnership Center which is a conglomerate that has 33 organizations that offer non-traditional approaches to service engagement with clients in need of support or advocacy.

Gold Wilkerson - Administrative Director 


   Learn something new everyday.
   Each one, teach one.
   Keep it real.
   The best way to learn is to teach.
   Keep on learning, keep on teaching,

   and we measure our growth tomorrow.
   Growth Gang!


Our Director Tree Arrington




Our initiatives are:

(See the Initiatives page for details)


School Year initiatives - Free to students

1. Real Skills Peer Mentors

2. D.E.A.L. -Developing Esteemed Academic Life-Skills

3. s.t.a.r.t. -students Target Academic Retention Techniques

4. Touch of essence FASHION PROGRAM

5. Hip Hop Theater

6. T.I.P.P. -Teen Intervention Program and Party

7. Real SPEECH MASTERS Youth Leadership Club


Summer Initiatives -

1. R.E.A.L. Summer youth initiative